Sebun Records

sebun records

Founded in 2013 in Kampala, Uganda, Sebun Records has seen a slow but steady growth together with Jonathan Sebunya as singer, producer, co-producer and sound engineer.
Projects have been done, Songs have been made, Festival material has been created; commercials, collaborations, sounds and experiments have arisen out of this once tiny bed room studio.

Sebun records volcanoCome and experience a piece of me and I experience a piece of you and from the emotion created from this unique environment, let us change the world through our music while making money.

Note: A few documentaries (video) have been made in the studio.

Styles of music:
Rap, Hip Hop, jazz, RnB, Sebun music, soul, rock, funk, swing, World Music, (sounds for movies), soundtrack for film/movies, short documentaries, short films, fun, techno, reggae, gospel, country, classic, folk, traditional, trance, dancehall, Ugandan, African and anything else that I cannot put in a genre and also anything you can think of creating.