I often ask myself why we revise everything but the things that matter the most to us. Like “What I wanna be called instead of what I’m currently called; what I wanna be instead of what I am; What the world is not supposed to be instead of what it is.”

My question is: “What happens after all this, or that? What preparation have i made for when I’m gone (Your Will). Are there responsibilities for my actions?; Or as a video I watched recently put it that “The labels between black and white were put to divide us”. Yes it is true. They were put, but maybe not entirely to divide us. Maybe it was just the way they (their creators) communicated about us.

Maybe it is the speech content that we need to change. Replace words of hate with those of Love; Replace lies with truth; Replace negativity with positivity: The list can be as long. I think we need new labels.
We need to change the language of the future, and teach it to the world. Then perhaps we can live in this world together as one.

Here’s to ‪#‎NEWLABELS‬

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